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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

 - Barak Obama

Hanno Blue was established after 35 years of working in the corporate sector where I first grew my passion to mentor, coach and develop people.  Initially I offered people support for their personal and professional goals through the provision of mentoring and coaching services.  Counselling services have since been added, for those clients that needed therapeutic support and couples that want to work on their relationships.

My unusual combination of corporate experience, coaching experience and counselling means I am ideally placed to work with corporate and individual clients, to meet their coaching or counselling needs, focusing on them as individuals who have the desire to create changes in their lives.  This also works for my couple clients who want to bring about a change in their relationships.

In addition to offering my own services, I work as part of a collaborative network where I can source coaches and counsellors who offer different solutions to meet client needs. 

Building a working relationship between us is essential in creating the best environment for us to work together.  Consequently, I offer individuals an initial, no obligation consultation so that we can talk about what support they are looking for.  We can get to know each other and discuss how I might be able to help them and that then starts the building of a trusted relationship.  For couples I charge a small fee for the initial consultation as it usually lasts a longer.

I am based in a small village, Idmiston, just 5 miles north-east of Salisbury and I support clients in the Salisbury and Winchester areas and online. 


If you are interested in discussing how I can help you, please contact: or call/WhatsApp 07859 936518.

Welcome to Hanno Blue

Counselling and Coach-Mentoring Services


As a qualified counsellor, I offer a place where clients can be listened to, a place where they have the space and time to be really heard and a place where they can share the things that they're struggling with at the moment and allow themselves to be their true selfs.  Counselling can help clients find ways to manage what’s going on for them right now and help them to feel better.  It gives them the chance to explore their feelings and understand themselves more.  I offer tailored therapy which is as individual as my clients are and my focus will always be on the client and their and wants and needs in each session. 

I offer couple therapy, also known as couples counselling.  This is a therapeutic process that helps partners in a romantic relationship resolve conflicts, improve communication, and strengthen their bond. I will facilitate discussion between both clients, helping them to identify patterns in their relationship, and work with them both to enhance their emotional connection and solve issues. 


Coaching is experienced through a series of conversations that focuses on an individual's growth and development.  Through a series of guided conversations, the coachee is supported and enabled to discover and implement professional and personal solutions to move towards their goals.

The coach works with the coachee, gently probing and questioning them and using tools to help them identify their options and ideas to move forward.  Because these options come from within the coachee they are much more likely to succeed and endure than solutions imposed by the coach.


A mentorship is a mutually beneficial professional relationship which operates in a similar way to a coaching relationship where a rapport is built between both parties.  In a mentoring relationship, an experienced individual (the mentor) imparts knowledge, expertise and wisdom to a less experienced person (the mentee).

An effective mentor can professionally guide the mentee while maintaining a friendly and supportive relationship. A mentor will always have the mentee's best interests in mind and tailor their mentorship style to meet the needs of the mentee.

Not sure which service is right for you?

If you're not sure if you want counselling or coach-mentoring, please come and talk with me and we can discuss your needs and tailor the right approach for you. 


Some of my clients start with counselling and then as they make progress on their therapeutic journey, they want more of a future and solution focussed approach, at which point we re-contract and take more of a coaching approach.  


If something more blended works then I also offer a personal consultancy service that integrates my coach-mentoring and counselling skills. This approach addresses emotional and psychological aspects, aiding clients in navigating personal issues, managing stress, and building resilience.

Career Transition Service - Coming Soon......

Are you thinking about moving jobs or changing your career?  I will soon be offering a new service that will help you through your career transition process.  We'll start with your CV and your LinkedIn profile, think about your brand, set up your marketing plan, practice interview skills and then, once you've landed your new role, we'll set up your first 90 days plan and ensure that you land successfully..  

Please check back soon for more details, or drop me a message/email if you want to know some more.

To work out what might be the right approach for you, please contact me for a free, no obligation discussion - online, over the phone or here at my office near Salisbury:

Email -

Call/WhatsApp - 07859 936518

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